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Week of 08-12-13:



We just finished a real nice little job at 12480 S.W. 96th Street, in the Kendall Area.  The clients were very happy.  They have a small pond right at the front entrance of the house by the front door.  The area was overgrown with vegetation.  We cleared out most of the plant material and trimmed up the plants and palms to remain.  We then added a lot of colorful foliage to enhance the pond without covering it up.  It looks great and we have new satisfied custormers.



This week we are visiting with a previous customer at 5881 S.W. 49th Street.  We will be changing out some of the plant material and try to tame the jungle upon us.  All the rain is really creating a challenge to keep everything looking nice and manicured.



We have this great little garden that we maintain on a regular basis at 2450 N. Shore Terrace in North Bay Village.  Her garden is just so inviting, like taking a stroll through the “Secret Garden” to get to the front entrance of the house.  She likes to “tweek” and change things around and is always looking to make little changes to add visibility and enhance her garden.  We love this client, she’s so sweet, it feels like family.



We recently did a little job for a property at Isles of Oasis at the Mirage in Homestead.  The client wrote us a real nice letter thanking us for the great work and emphasizing how nice and courteous our workers were and that she would highly recommend us to family and friends.  We always like to get praise when it is well deserved.



We are going to be doing some work for a long time client of ours in Kendall at 10201 S.W. 90th Avenue.  They had a war against the “Chinchbugs” on their lawn and lost.  They had decided to treat it themselves.  Then with all the rain the fungus set in.  They have no sod left in the front yard and will need to redo the area.  If caught in time, insects can usually be handled properly but they do move quickly and need to be treated very promptly upon noticing any signs of damage.



We recently finished a very interesting yard in the Miami Shores area at 65 N.E. 109th Street.  The client did not want any grass areas at all.   The front yard was about 6,000’sq.  We created a great look with lots of natives and Xeriscape plants and groundcovers.  We also used various mulch and pine bark to create some contrast.   We look forward to soon doing their backyard.  Always another project to look forward to.    This job was a referral from another customer right down the street.   This particular client wanted a minimalistic look.  The focus is clean and on the house with a minimum of maintenance.



We are also doing a small job in Surfside at 8858 Carlysle Avenue this week.  This is a nice little front yard that the client has maintained quite well.  He just wants to freshen up some of the areas and add another tier of plants to cover up the elevated planter.




We had an interesting job at 7841 Collins Avenue recently.  This is a very modern looking home and since the clients travel a lot, the need for simplicity is very important.  However, they do not want to skimp on privacy.  The lot is somewhat narrow and we must utilize every inch to create an oasis of greenery and a barrier with the outside world.  This is my first brush with dealing with artificial turf.   I never realized how expensive this can be.  It makes my job fun and interesting.  I like being challenged by clients that bring in new ideas and expand my horizons in different directions.



I was contacted by the Management Company of a Condominium complex in Hialeah and was requested to provide a drawing showing trees and palms to be planted.  Apparently, the condominium had cut down trees without City approval and got into a little hot water.  This is sort of a mitigation project to try to recapture some green canopy space in the Hialeah area.   We all know it needs it.  Too much concrete everywhere.   Let’s think green.   I will however contact the City inspector in question to try to change some of the trees to species that will be more friendly to parking lots and sides of buildings and walkways.  You know the old saying, it’s hard to fit 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag.   Large trees will not suit or fit unto this property and only create problems down the line.  Let’s all work together to find a sustainable solution that will work for all parties in the long run.



Anyway, that’s all for this week.  Talk to you soon.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at




Like I always say:   “TuttleLu”   A tout a l’heure!